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Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

What kind of laboratory do you have imagined from the name of
"Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry"?

Our candidate for research is the small living thing "a microbe" which is not seen by man's eyes.

Before man is born, the microbe has been useful on the primitive earth. In long time, they have learned various lifestyles, in order to maintain species also under all environment. And a kind with various lifestyles makes the relation of a food cycle, and is making one society (community).

At our laboratory, preservation of earth environment is considered through a learning field called microbial ecology, and it is striving for research every day.





Ibaraki University College of Agriculture, Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Room 204 & 207 3-21-1 Chuou, Ami, Ibashikigun, Ibaraki 300-0393, JAPAN